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The unsung woes of #vanlife


pissing in a bottle
living full throttle
look at me I live in an RV
and I’m pissing in a bottle

I need a place to park
before it gets dark
too many signs and there’s not enough time
I need a place to park

I need a bathroom too
a parto potty will do
when it’s early in the morning and i woke up to a warning
and i gotta take a poo

pissing in a cup
that’s whats up
I’m a free man living in my van and I’m pissing in a cup

it gets real hot
in the walmart lot
the oil leak is staining and the neighbors are complaining
and i just saw a cop

he’s headed our way
put the bong away
hide that pot before we both get shot
the all american way

shitting in a bag
and I don’t to brag
but I don’t pay rent
they can all get bent
shitting in a bag

I’ve never been to Yale
but I’ve been to jail
stripped down naked and shot with a taser
and I barely made bail

I think the dog just shit
I swear that’s it
I think I’m gonna snap if I don’t take a crap
can you smell my pits?

I’m pissing in a bottle
Feeling menopausal
I don’t like to brag
but I’m shitting in a bag
and I’m pissing in a bottle


from Las Vegas, released April 2, 2017




Blue 42 Las Vegas, Nevada

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